MEN’S MADNESS: The Myth of Male Reason
First Shown on Channel 4 in 1991
Running Time: 45 mins

Men’s Madness was made in order to provoke debate about the generally accepted view that technological progress is not only natural and inevitable, but also hugely beneficial to humankind.
Made at a time when women, manual workers, and minorities were striving for equality within the agenda set by the notions of ‘progress’, the film questioned the premise that the masculine values that propel us forward at breakneck speed should be regarded as those of the highest order.
Set in the London Underground, it takes us on a journey through various male worlds such as industrial production, war, genetics, space technology, religion and robotics. The film links these isolated worlds of work in order to understand the pattern of irrationality and obsessiveness in masculine behaviour that appears to be responsible for the rapidly declining environment.